Wednesday, March 16

Defying My Previous Post

I'm here again. Just to mumble about several important realizations lately.

#1. You adjust with society, not the other way around.

I used to think that I can live with my comfortable preference of not thinking much of other people. I am not a meddler by nature and if I don't really care, trust me that I do not. However, despite my bestfriend's contention that I should at least try to open up a bit, it was only now that I realize how pathetic it is to be more friendly.

#2. A baby is one of the most wonderful gifts a family can have.

I now have two nieces and a nephew, and another one to come whose gender is yet to be determined. The most recent addition to our family is my niece Astrid, named after the storybook authoress Astrid Lindgren. She's my sister's child and while I am only sixteen (treading 17) years older, I feel my motherly instincts at work whenever she's around. I feel for her and start to think of her future. There is this overwhelming desire to make the future a better time for her to grow up (as if we can all help it), to make the world a nicer place to live in. I so love her.

#3. Surveys are everywhere. Let's try this one.

A is for AGE: 17 going on 35
B is for BOYFRIEND's name: *****
C is for CAREER: dominatrix
D is for DAD's name: Dmitri
E is for ESSENTIAL item to bring on an airplane: my iPod
F is for FAVORITE song at the moment: Somebody Told Me by The Killers
G is for GIRLFRIENDS: superlots
H is for HOMETOWN: Luntiangburol (sheesh)
I is for INSTRUMENTS you play: piano, bass guitar, a little bit of violin
J is for JAM or JELLY you like: jam
K is for KIDS: none
L is for LIVING arrangements: still with parents
M is for MOM's name: Agnes
N is for NAME of your best friend(s): Sid, Thea, Janey & Bijon
O is for OVERNIGHT hospital stay: when I was 5 or 6
P is for PHOBIA[s]: stupid people dominating the planet
Q is for QUOTE you like: brilliant minds talk of ideas, average minds talk of events, small minds talk of people
R is for RELATIONSHIP that lasted the longest: this one
S is for SINGER(s) you like most: aerosmith and diana krall
T is for TIME you wake up: 6:15am during school days
U is for UNIQUE trait: is ignoring people unique? i don't think so.
V is for VEGETABLE you love: romanian lettuce
W is for WORST habit: biting my lower lip
X is for X-RAYS you've had: chest
Y is for YUMMY food you make: cheese omelet
Z is for ZODIAC sign: pisces

Wednesday, February 2

The Commitment That Never Was

I never really wanted to go blogging. It was just hype, I guess. Believe it or not, none of my closest friends are bloggers. Just like my stand long before, I prefer the good ol' journal writing or the intimacy of talking to people about the things you feel.

So I better stop before it becomes too much of a coercion, which often leads to frustration. May this world be a better place to live in. Who knows, if something goes randomly incorrect, I might come back.


Wednesday, December 29


Here are some more --

HARRY - Mr. Potter, your slip is showing.

JOEL - I know Martha Grimes is a good writer for you andI really respect that.

ANGELIE - It's never been the same since you-know-who left. No matter what they think of me, I did not contradict them in any way, ayt? Why do you think they made a huuuge fuss over it?

KASSANDRA - My family is thrilled to have you again next year. Good luck to you!

ABBEY - I hope to see you in Guatemala in 2006. I will never change. Never.

JANEY - Not because you were in this batch does not mean you're of minor priority, just like what others may assume. Of course not. Whatever happens, what we have is gossip-free and "destabilization"-free. Just look at me in the eye and you will see that nothing has changed. I'm simply five lockers away.

ALEX - Janey's cousin, how are things over there? For me, you still hold the best adjudicator / interpellator trophy. It's so permanent in me, I won't ever be convinced that I am better than you, even if people tell us so. Geez, yabang! Nice to see that things worked out well for both of us. We deserve it, ey?

JIGZ - Your braces are the last thing that connects you to me. Now that they're actually look cuter. I should really be paid for this kind of posting, don't you think?

BEM - My bestfriend's asawa. In time, we will see how much we are part of each other. Sid is one whole big thing between us but duh, he's all yours romantically. I have better taste, he he.

TJ - I don't care about you even if you're supposed to be my "kumpare" in theory. You blackmailer you! You just know that I can't hate you for real that's why you're doing this to me (Frankly, I love you pare. Papatayin kita if you do something bad to my kumeyr.)

RACHAEL - Plans of reviving camp activities are very promising to me. Take care always.

BRIGADIER - I don't know your real name until now but thank you for helping me see the corners of West Crame that I have not seen yet.

ROSIE - You make the best pares in the Philippines! I kowtow in your presence! Whoo!

PATTY - Thank you for being a nice online friend. It is rare to find people whom you share mutual liking with and I can say you are one of those in my case. Plus you remind me of my good friend.

IKA - My good friend, I miss you a thousand heaps. Whatever troubles we face, I know that you've always had inner strength to get past them. I miss you, biaatch! I miss the simplicity of life back then. Hope to see you in 'Dun next summer.

JORGETTE - The mysteries of life are bound to be mysteries forever. So put that book down and sign up with my team.





Words I should have said, which neither text message space nor holiday cards could accomodate (because I already sent them out- gah).

RIDGE - I trust you. I place the remaining time of my senior year in your able hands. Look behind you all the time.

DIV - Beyond words, you know that. I can't believe I like you now.

SID - Major duh, what else could I say to you that you would not grin?

BIJON - Beyond words, too. I know you have nothing to do with it but it's killing me not to think about it, really. Check my back, full of stab wounds, just like yours.

THEA - Kumare, I just can't tell you but I am still depressed about the mascara. Dang.

MORI - You know that if i only had my way, I would. But you see, I can't. Damn them, let them rot in hell (oops, Christmas!)

KIMI - You and Jack are so cheesy, I could kill you both.

JACK - You and Kimi are so cheesy, I could kill you both.

S. LO - Watch your back. It's a great upstart.

TRINI - Kate Spade and Wade. I love you.

GAB - It is not what she said but it's how she said it. She's not feeding me, you know. I care for you a lot, you know that.

SONJA - I don't care what they think. I never have. Rock on!

MIGUEL - Sana naiintindihan mo na hindi lahat ng bagay ay kailangang sinasabi sa wikang Ingles.

NUDGE - My claim to fame is becoming your worst nightmare. But I am still here for you.

ERAMM - Darna your face! Let's spend one day together and you will realize I am worth all the effort. Bwaharharhar! If you could not wrap it, don't call me, I won't wrap it either.

SANTI - Hey there, most yummy cheese! I really appreciate your friendship. One of the notable things I had this year. Worth keeping.

JO - I wish we could have more time. Oh, we all wish we have more time.

ANDREA - Thank you for your patience. I am not always easy to deal with's me. Keep it up, you're good.

More greetings tonight!


Saturday, December 11

Maritina ramblings

Lo que dicen, Soy feliz y eso ahora es todo ese las materias a mí. La belleza que usted agregó a mi existencia puesto que usted vino
detra's-otra vez-es apenas inmensurable.

Je remercie Dieu parce qu'il me vous a donné comme une si bonne
heure. Je ne veux jamais être n'importe où dans le monde mais près de vous. Je t'aime.

Mentre non posso promettere che tutto sarà intelligente ed
ottimistico, Posso promettere appena che contribuirò a fare questo risolvere perché che cosa abbiamo è una delle cose migliori che siano accaduto nella mia vita.

Tuesday, December 7

my parents are hounded by problems.

that was the silliest joke i've heard during the intern's night last sunday. it was a joke but it was not funny. it made people laugh but it was soo annoying on my part. really.

no, this is not about my real parents having bouts of problems. my parents are doing perfectly fine, their jobs are stable as ever and frankly, my siblings and i have been prodding them to stop but they won't. the silly joke was about my set of parents in fanatics' fantasy land.

the origin of this joke was way before camp days in jabez. my fantasy mother, broadcaster korina sanchez, was making huge waves then as this tough-no-nonsense person. people who obviously have low IQ's associated it with me, that suddenly it was a common punchline that i am her spawn. and oh poor girl, if she is my mother, where's my father? heaven iopened up and gave these low iq'd people the answer. they did their respective maths, and came up with the conclusion that noynoy aquino (the congressman-brother of the controversial kris aquino) sired me. convenient. the puzzle finally solved.

it was a good joke if only told within my circle. however, it's moment lapsed and it wasn't appealing anymore. it became corny. corny as hell. it was so overused that i actually hated it at one point.

so, it was told by someone who tried to enliven the night. my parents are hounded by problems. it got me startled at first, what if it concerned my real parents? what if there was bad news that i didn't know of? when i saw people laughing, i understood. aha, that stupid joke again. i have nothing bad against korina and noynoy. i don't even care that much. i know about what happened to her in tv patrol (she was replaced in the newscast and was given a "for show" promotion to compensate for it) but above that, she's not problematic. her lovelife with senator mar roxas is turning well, last i heard (and so, will mar roxas now be my stepfather? hah?!). while noynoy may be on a bedlam with what happened to hacienda luisita (the picket line of rallying workers was violently dispersed but it turned out that most of the people in the picket line were not legitimate workers of the farm) and subsequent calls for his congress resignation, life is not still so bad. they are hounded by problems, alright, i feel for them but to insinuate that i should in front of people who are not inclined to showbiz matters....oh, please. ang cheap.

maybe i should go to korina and noynoy and tell them that "hey, i could have been your daughter, tell me a joke". gah.

p.s. belated birthday greetings to ella marie. my offer is good until supply lasts.

happy anniversary to abe and ruckie. dang, who would have thought that you'll last this long. one year. ha-ha.

happy birthday today to my constant econ partner, eramm roxas. the future economist who sleeps like a log. the diligent student who reviews till the wee hours of the morning, catches some sleep before the crow flies...(the bottomline is he does not drool when he sleeps). love you, dude.


Wednesday, November 10

You Are An Independent Girlfriend!

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Yebba. Let me hear you make some noise!! :)

Your Power Color Is Gold

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What's Your Power Color? Take This Quiz :-)


Monday, November 8

You're Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
brought to you by

Swear to God, I do not know who Brigitte Bardot is. Upon research, I found that, "She prefers life outside of stardom. While it enabled her to become internationally famous, it also carried with it annoyances. It wasn't anything for her to have "fans" enter her house or onto the grounds in the hopes of getting a glimpse of her or to take something that belonged to her. Paparazzi constantly hounded her with their cameras. She has been so soft hearted that some people even have taken advantage of her generosity. After her life in the spotlight, Brigitte went on to become a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started the "Foundation Brigitte Bardot" dedicated solely to that cause. Her work in that realm is, perhaps, far greater than any film she could have made."

How cool is that?


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